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Registry Advisers Limited was founded in 2001 by two former senior managers of Companies House, the companies registration authority for Great Britain.  David Durham had been Chief Executive of Companies House Executive Agency and Registrar of Companies in England and Wales, while David Walke had been a Deputy Registrar who had fulfilled a series of senior management roles within the organisation.

Companies House had been engaged in providing advice to other registries since 1991, when David Walke carried out a brief study in the British Virgin Islands, leading to on-line services for local agents and the introduction of document imaging.  This led to a request for advice on the development of registration facilities in Anguilla, where, after considering the situation in various other territories involved in providing 'offshore' companies, our report proposed the creation a facility for on-line registration by overseas agents.  Paul Jones, a senior analyst from Companies House, drew up a system specification which provided the basis for subsequent systems development.  Subsequently an International Advisory Services team, under the leadership of David Walke, undertook projects in the Russian Federation and Ukraine, but in 2001 Companies House decided as a matter of strategy to discontinue its external advisory role in order to concentrate on its core business and development of its services.

While the company directors, David Durham, David Walke and Paul Jones, together with the associated consultants, have a range of skills and experience that would enable them to fulfil various advisory roles, in practice the company has specialised in advising governments and official bodies throughout the world on the development of services for registering companies and other businesses.  In these areas we can offer our clients the benefit of unrivalled expertise.

The company advises on all aspects of registration, including:

  • development of the policy and legislative framework

  • organisational issues

  • operational procedures and documentation

  • computer systems

  • alternative means of providing public access to information

  • staff training and management seminars, and

  • promotion of registry services.

'One-stop shops' for business registration, bringing together the functions of different agencies so as to simplify procedures, save time and reduce costs, have had particular prominence in our recent work.

Our corporate philosophy requires an holistic approach to development of registration services.  We regard the legislation, organisation, procedures and systems as interdependent.  Any changes to the law should have regard to their practicality, while changes to systems and procedures must recognise the constraints of the legislation.  There is also a need to be conscious of the underlying policy and purpose of the activity: while recognising the legitimate needs of government, information on registered companies needs to be made available to the business community in order to build market confidence.  This should be a consideration at the earliest stages of any development.


  Last updated: 14 December 2019

Registry Advisers Limited was registered in England & Wales as company number 4164442 between 2002 and 2017
Registry Advisers is now a trading name of David Walke, Wick CF71 7QD, United Kingdom

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